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The 14hr plane ride!

One of the longest 14hrs i ever thought possible...

semi-overcast 25 °C

Left the beautiful singapore slightly hesitant as enjoyed it so much early in the morning to board my next plane to London.
Had to sit next to these two weird guys that slightly made me a tad nervous about terrorists as they kept going to the toliet at the same time and would take forever and we just odd. But luckily after 14.5 long hours we landed safely at Heathrow airport.
Relief that the plane ride was over and i could finally find a loo, i was ready to run off the plane however.... Some bloody checky bastered had parked in our gate! So we had to wait an extra 1.15mins just sitting there on the taxi way which ment the plane was rocking from the vibrations of the jets still going, the toliet was only 6 rows behind me but the seat belt light stayed on, i sat there feeling motion sickeness and continplating wat they could do to me if i just got up and ran and locked myself in the toilet.

Luckyly just as i was reaching to undo my belt another 15 mins gone, we started moving and FINALLY made our way to our gate.

It took awhile to get through customs, and really is it that hard to smile, it was ohh soo serious! I chickened out and got a taxi to the hostel i was staying at which now i realise i should have braved it and got the tube as the taxi cost me 70pounds!!!!! (about $160NZD!)

The hostel 'St Christophers Inn - London Bridge' was ahh interesting. There are 3 floors which you have to lug your bags up which trust me being short i had to lift my 25kg bag up to just under my chin is not easy. For the first 3 nights I was on the 2nd floor in a 6 bunk room which was not actually too bad once i got over my horror of what an actual hostel is like.

The first two nights/days were very lonley and i spent alot of time reading and on the computer trying to simply kill time. I managed to tag onto a group the third night which lead me to a really good night.

I spend another two nights there, the last being in a different room on the firt floor with 12 bunks, but then headed off to my new home away from home the How's house in Tooting Bec.

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1st Stop- Singapore

Wednesday 9th - Monday 14th June 2010

sunny 32 °C

Arrived in Singapore at 7.30pm to walking a majority of the terminal which took about 15mins desperatly trying to locate where the hell you pick up your bags!
I asked at least 3 workers and they each sent me in differnt directions, i was starting to get a tad confused and worried as i didnt want my bag to be the last one just going round and round and round the belts and I knew Avril would be waiting for me. At last after returning back to where i first started;my gate in which i departed the plane I found the baggage pick up very very small sign which directed you through a wall and off into space! So Finally foudn my way 'down' to the ground floor where to my relief my bag was not not the last one to be picked up (but the third to last) and made my way hassel free out to meet Avril.

The heat was great! About 31 deg and by now it was at least 8pm. we caught ataxi back to avrils which took roughly 10-15mins, in prob one of the most carziest taxi drives i have ever been in, he just went in and out of the lanes, cutting cars off, i kept having to stop to swear or mutter mad man while catching up with Avril.

Their house is amazing, Paul who is in the NZ Army is doing a year long course, and they have this house which has lots of history aroudn when the japanese tryed to take over singapore, to the brits who orginally built the houses and much more. Its up on piles for the heat and monsoon rain they get year round, and is huge, see photos for some of my room/wing and the rest of the house.

Had an amzing time, was great to have Avril and Paul to show me around, and let me know what the hell i was eating with the asian type foods. Avril and I went shopping, now they put shopping malls to a whole new meaning.theya re great, huge, at least 5 stories high and you can mostly just walk from one to the next.

[b] Interesting facts about Singapore!
- Malasia is 'right next door' as in even I could swim the gap between the countries (if you could trust that water!)
- Its only the size of Lake Taupo! Yeah Singapore's Island itsself is actully only the size of lake Taupo however they have tryed to reclaim and bring up as much land as possible from the seabed, its only the size of our lake and has our population!
- Its Illegal to walk around in groups of more than 5. Its looked at as a Gang! Very good idea to keep youths out of trouble.
- Chewing gum, littering andJwalking are all big 'NO Nos' and Illegal!

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Ahhh not what i had in mind.....

sunny 28 °C

Arriving into London, i had to admit its not what i expected it to be like.
For starters... ah its hot, bloody hot!
The weather produced an totally unexpected heat high that i had be warned y many not to expect in London. However the weather has provided over the last week wonderful heat, that left me to bring out the few 'summer' clothing i had packed. Although im not complaining!

I stupidly got a taxi from Heathrow airport through to St Christophers Hostel which has by far been the most expensive taxi ride i have ever had costing me 75 pounds, and the checky taxi driver took the remaining 5pounds as i gave him 80 total expecting change as a 'tip'.
I was just glad to finally be at the hostel that i had so many high hopes of introducing me to the life of London in a positive way.

Reality check, I was put into a 12 bed mix sex room, where the showers were cold, the toliet from one of my worst nightmares and city traffic noise that could not be drowned by my ipod. But it was a hostle so what was i expecting???? A warmish shower at least.

I ddnt find the hostel half as accomodating as expected and didnt really 'click' with anyone other than an aussie guy who was leaving the following day and a couple of people that worked at the hostel that took me out one night, in which i had a good time.... and spent a bit too much money.

I was ment to go visit the kids that i was to start nannying the following week however a time was never suitable with the mother... first sign of the role not being as great as it sounded.

But thursday i finally ventured with my gear via taxi (i know i cheated again but not as costly this time!) Charlotte my future employee was very welcoming but Kitty the little one at 22 months old already was showing signs that this was not going to be an easy job. My room was at the second to top level in the house that is 5 stories. Its a nice house, very skinny but long with alot of mod equipment that was made to look 'vintage' however led to me burning my toast and smoking the house out in the first few days of living there. At least they have a good coffee maker!

So London is not what i expected, very 'old' looking and busy. I have managed to master the underground in which i was so scared about and am gradually gaining my bearings on directions. Its very much like Auckland, where everyone is in their own little world and if you happen to smile at someone you will get accused of being on drugs or something silly. Honestly it's just not me, i need somewhere more friendly with more personality, although im sure many would argue with me that London lacks personality?
We will see how i go.......?

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